Configuring server with the AC server manager graphical interface

Assetto Corsa comes with a tool which has a graphical user interface to create server configurations. This tool can make it easier to configure your game server because you wont have typo's by manually editing the server configuration and because it doesn't allow you to set invalid configuration variables.

Before we use this tool we need to take note of the port configuration of your game server, so that you use the unique ports that have been assigned to your server. 
It's important to do this, because using different ports than the ones which have been assigned for your server will result in errors, such as the server not starting or using ports that are already in use by a different server.

To find the ports assigned to your server look at your gameserver control panel main page.

Make the TCP & UDP ports 9610 (or what yours shows)
Make HTTP port  9611 (or what yours shows)

The AC server manager is located in your Assetto Corsa installation folder - [goto server folder and click acservermanager.exe].

Once manager screens is open go through all settings. Adjust ports as above.
Save when ready, then press EXPORT button. This will create 2 files. Transfer these to your server and replace.

Stop server, restart when done.

For more information on this tool see the FAQ on the Assetto Corsa Forums:
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