Add Mods

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  1. Subscribe to the mod on your steam client, and wait for it to download.
  2. Right click the game in your steam client, go to the local files tab and press Browse Local Files
  3. Open the Mods folder
  4. Zip your mod. The folder should be named something related to the mod. For instance, "1234567".
  5. Upload this zip to the Mods folder on your server. This can be done through the File Manager or FTP.
  6. Using the file manager, unzip the mod placing it in the MODS folder.
  7. Go to the Configuration Files section of the gamepanel. Open server_config.cfg
  8. Find the line that looks like line below:
  9. Remove the '#' symbol. The symbol tells the game to ignore the line.
  10. Remove anything after the = sign, and add in the workshop id number. If you have more than one mod separate with a comma. (ie: mods-1234567,1234565,23455433)
  11. Save the file and restart your server.
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