Get & Use Wreckfest Server Manager Tool

This tool will allow you to easily set and adjust your server(s) settings.

Download tool from HERE:

Extract file to suitable location. Run and a window will open

On the botton line select the ... box and direct folder to your wreckfest client folder in steam. Go all the way to SERVER (in wreckfest). Click OK.
On the next screen at top right are + and - boxes. Click the + box. A new window should show. Set everything you want to do for server.

SET MAX PLAYERS to what your server is. (Do not set higher - it will break server)

The ports need to be set as follows:

steam_port (leave as is)
query_port (set to what is on your gameserver control panel)
game_port (set to what is on your gameserver control panel)

Click SAVE at bottom right.

Next click VIEW CONFIG. This will open text document of your server settings. Select all and copy paste to your gameserver config file.

Save config, restart server.

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