How to upload tracks

To upload a track for Assetto Corsa, please follow the instructions below.

To get a mod track, you have to do the following:

  • Go to your control panel, click at your server, and then click at File Manager. Then Click atcontent, and then at Tracks.
  • Make a new folder with the name of the track, the name has to be exactly the same one you use on your game, for example: nord_snoopy_0.9.0
  • When you created that folder you need to create another folder inside it, this folder needs to be called "data". Inside that "data" folder, you have to place the "surfaces.ini" file which you have in the track you are currently using in your game.

For example: You download the track nord_snoopy_0.9.0 for your game, and there are lots of files which you have to place in your game, inside that files, there's a folder called data, and inside data , theres a file called "Surfaces.ini" , that is the only file you need to upload to the server.
The Surfaces.ini file go's into the data folder (which is located in content > tracks > "nord_snoopy_0.9.0")

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