GNZ Servers comes with lot of features. Here are a few of them.

Premium Network

We strive to offer the best network line service available at this time allowing our game servers to be efficient, fast and reliable.
No speed/data restrictions!

Refund Policy

Our game servers come with a 24hr money back policy in case you have a technical issue that is out of our control. Take advantage of this policy and test out our network today!

Free Support

Support is available 24/7 through our Support Ticket system and most daytime hours with LIVE chat app. We strive to answering all your questions ASAP so your game server remains up & running!

Powerful Servers

We use high end HP servers with Intel Xeon based processors in order to offer you the optimal performance your server deserves along with large amounts of fast DDR3 memory.

Mods & Maps

We are more than happy to help with any type of mod or map pack, and if its not all ready in our custom game panel just ask we are here to help.


We never charge for de-branding on any of our game servers, dedicated servers or Teamspeaks.


All of GNZ servers game servers are hosted on Hybrid and SSD hard drives for ultra-fast loading times. SSDs are known to have extremely high I/O.

Instant Deployment

Our services are set up instantly after initial payment. No need to wait for someone to manually validate your account, our system does it for you.


Jun 30th


Servers now available for renting for Wreckfest.
2 - 24 slots - easy setup.
Best rates around.

Apr 5th

MC Pocket Edition

New to our server family.
Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers now available!
Connect from your mobile devices.

Feb 13th

50% off WebHosting

HBHosting offering 50% off WebHosting for first month
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