How to set server in non-booking mode

To set your server in non-booking server, follow this instructions:

  • Go to your control panel 
    • Inside the server_cfg.ini file, change the PICKUP_MODE  line so that it looks like this: PICKUP_MODE_ENABLED=1
    • Inside the server_cfg.ini , choose the cars you want at CARS= Once you've completed this...
    • Go to your entry_list.ini file, and add the following lines:




    • Now people can after selecting your server, click on the desired car and then click join.

NOTE: Max clients available doesn't work when this is used, but is decided by the amount of cars pre-booked by the server.
WARNING: Track- Rotation is not possibile when using the server in non-booking. You can only have 1 track at the server_cfg.ini

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